SUPERFOC6.8 50A VESC6-based speed controller compatible to VESCtool Programmable for Esk8/Ebike

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Maytech SUPERFOC6.8 50A VESC6-based speed controller compatible to VESCtool

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Electric skateboard controller sensor or sensorless motor ESC great start-up


Based on VESC6 hardware;
• Upgraded driver chip to DRV8301, fix the problem of DRV error under FOC mode with     VESC4.12 hardware, stable and Smooth FOC function;
• Support UAVCAN, can be connect to UAV flighter;
IRF7530 MOS tube, high reliable;
• Internal official firmware and bootloader, support latest VESC_TOOL, can adjust parameters on PC, can check parameters on Phone with bluetooth;

• Use IRF7530 MOS tube import from Authentic Original American International Rectifier Company, high reliability.

•Strong, Reliable and Progressive Electric Brakes

•Start from a stop with Unsensored Motors as if it was Sensored
•Many Safety Features such as Current Control and Temperature Control Features
•Sensored and Unsensored (FOC) Field Oriented Control allows your electric skateboard to run with barely any motor noise.
•Built in 5V BEC
•Voltage: 8V to 60V (Up to 3S to 12S LiPo Voltage)
•Current: Up to 240A for a few seconds or 50A continous
•Regenerative Braking
•Sensored or Sensorless operation
•Great start-up torque with sensorless motors
Application: Electric skateboard, Esk8, longboard, mountainboard, offroad skateboard, ROV/ROVEEE/remote operated vehicle, underwater robot, Underwater Robotics/underwater remotely operated vehicles, subsea robots,cablecam, broadcast, IBC2019, Ultra drones,security monitoring robots,robots for security and safety monitoring in harsh terrain, agile robots, autonomous agile robots, security robots, autonomously monitor security, combat robots, fighting robots, etc.,
supercase superfoc6.8 speed controller ESC for electric longboard