Brushless 6374 170/190KV Closed Cover Sensored 10mm Shaft Motor for Esk8/E-bike

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Brushless 6374 170/190KV Closed Cover Sensored 10mm Shaft IP54 Waterproof Motor for Esk8/E-bike MTO6374-HA-C2

KV/shaft/cover/case can be customized, contact agnes@maytech to get more specfic information. 

This motor shaft is upgraded on basis of MTO6374-170-HA-C. The shaft output was extended by 8mm. The upgrading makes installation on electric skateboard more suitable.
All parts are made of a high-precision CNC machining center, and all surfaces are made with oxidation treatment. High temperature and high purity oxygen-free copper wires were used. The motors use high-grade magnets and 0.2 mm lamination to improve efficiency. 
The closed cover enables motors have dust-proof and water-proof function
The hall-effect sensors inside tracks the motor’s position. This information permits the controller to alternate power with the right timing and in the right sequence and, voila, it spins. 
Better efficiency means you get more mechanical energy per unit of power,
After a lot of development, we have put together what we know works best for an electric skateboard or ebike motor and made it small and compact.
Model NO.: MTO6374-170-HA-C2
KV: 170
Idle Current: 0.8A
Max. Current: 65A
Input Volt.: 2-12s Lipo
Max. Output Watt: 3550W
Max. Pull: 13000g
Rated Current: 60A
Motor Weight: 860g
Shaft: 10mm, Output shaft length: 34mm
Internal Resistance: 0.0402
With black closed cover
Application: for electric skateboard, ebike, electric bike, underwater robots, Marine robots, fighting robots, War robots, delivery robots, electric power tools, hydrofoil board, MegaBots, Battlebots, Robot combat, Combat Robots, etc. 
Maytech 6374 170KV outrunner hall sensored brushless motor 10mm shaft powerful 3550W engine for electric skateboard e-skateboarding skate longboard all terrain offroad board mountainboard
6374 sealed motor closed cover dustproof and waterproof sensored motors for mountainboard e-longboard