Collection: Halloween & Black Friday Sale At least 10% OFF

Happy Halloween !

From Now to November, 30, 2022, Almost all products in our web get at least additional 10% off, MTSPF7.5HK is additional 25% off. 

All prices you see is already after discount, you can place order directly, after the promotion ends, all prices will go back to original price. 

So if you have products to order, please confirm order before November 30, stock items can be shipped in 24 working hours after order confirmed. 

Sale time: Now - 30/11/2022 23:59

Page 1: Remotes, VESCs, waterproof & Watercooled ESCs, anti-spark switches, rhoestatic brake

Page 2: Brushless outrunner sensored motors, truck, pulley, belt, wheels for electric skateboard, fighting robots

Page 3-4: Brushless Inrunner Motors (Waterproof & Watercooled), Efoil / Esurf Kits

Page 4-6: Combos with Brushless outrunner motor, VESC, remote, truck, wheel for skatebord, fighting robots, etc.,

Page 7-9: Carbon Fiber Propellers

Page 9-10: Brushless Sensorless Motor

Page 10-12: ESCs for RC Flight Models and other parts


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